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Implemented legislation on customs procedures
Oil exploration drilling and shore business
Turkey also oil exploration, drilling, production and we can be your partner as your Customs clearance operations offshore. Turkey’s TPAO and customs brokerage company in the sole legal. A) Oil exploration, drilling, production and offshore operations: A.1. It is obligatory to apply to the General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs for...
Countries belonging to the European Community shall also be approved by the Chambers of Commerce and the Customs administration, preparing the goods circulating in circulation in the sending country. The customs visa is not required only if the exporter is an approved authority. “In this case, it is treated as...
Iceland, Macedonia, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lichtenstein, Croatia, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco and iron and steel unprocessed agricultural products. Explanation: Roaming certificates are a document indicating origin. In the trade of agricultural products between the European Community and Turkey, the EFTA countries and Turkey (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)...
Country of origin statement
What is the origin of the match? Although there is no agreed international definition, “origin” can be defined as “economic nationality of a contestant”. The product obtained or produced in a whole country, including land waters, originates in that country. However, the article may acquire another origin if it is...