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Countries belonging to the European Community shall also be approved by the Chambers of Commerce and the Customs administration, preparing the goods circulating in circulation in the sending country.
The customs visa is not required only if the exporter is an approved authority. “In this case, it is treated as a simplified procedure category.”

ATR document;

a: Customs tax exemption (consult customs consultant)
b: exemption from the checks required to be made under the “CE” legislation
c: Turkey from the EC for the material if it is in free circulation will resent Turkey also provides the ability to do a new ATR certificate.
Filling of the document;

1- Exporter’s name and address information
3- Buyer’s name and address information,
5- Outgoing country
6- Arrival country
7- Information on transportation style (Sea, Air, Land)
8- When this box is necessary;
a. When the A. certificate is issued after the departure of the contest, the “afterwards”
b. It is filled in cases where the export of non-European goods is indicated in the case of indication of origin.
9- Sequence No
10- According to invoice and package list of goods, the compatible definition, number of containers is written.
11- Gross weight should be written.
12- Customs clearance area If the approved exporter is an exporter visa by declaring the approval number
13- The date and date on which the exporter or his representative will prepare and the section where the seal will be applied