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Country of origin statement

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What is the origin of the match?

Although there is no agreed international definition, “origin” can be defined as “economic nationality of a contestant”.
The product obtained or produced in a whole country, including land waters, originates in that country. However, the article may acquire another origin if it is altered and processed in another country or if the production takes place in more than one country. The origin of the match, the non-preferred origin of the match and the preferential origin of the match are arranged in Articles 17 to 21 of the Customs Code No. 44458 and in the regulation.
Iran, Iraq, Yemen, BAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Montenegro, India, Republic of South Africa, TRNC, China, Algeria, Libya, Mexico, Malaysia and so on. countries and EU members, EFTA countries and all world countries except STA-signed countries.

This document deals with merchandise;

a: Prove in which country it is produced
b: Used in the case of complementary processing in another country in crude or semi-finished state to prove the complementary country.
c: Consult with customs consultant for the necessary conditions according to Harmonized Customs tariff principles determined according to the property of the subject merchandise
Countries want to know the country of origin of imported products when they import from each other. Because, in import transactions, the products have to be treated according to origin.

Products in accordance with their origin
The country of origin of the product is directly influenced by the following aspects in terms of customs procedures.
– Calculation of customs tax
– Control of foreign trade through the follow-up of the implementation of instruments such as quota and anti-dumping measures

Information to be found in the Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin has the following information:
– Name, surname and address of the sender
– Name, surname and address of the recipient
– Brand, number, type and number of containers
– Gender and nevi, narrow and pure weights of the match and the form of value and sending,
– The certified sheriff’s certificate (date, signature, seal and eyebrow),
– If the Certificate of Origin has been given as originating from that country due to the workmanship and transactions in that country, this issue should be explained in a comprehensive manner.

The form of the filling;

1- Exporter’s name and address information
3- Buyer’s name and address information,
4 – Information on transportation style (Sea, air, land)
5- Brand and number of packages
6- Gross weight
7- Invoice number and other information if requested
8- Customs clearance area; The date and date on which the exporter or his representative will prepare and the section where the seal will be applied

(FORMA) Special Certificate of Origin

It is a type of certificate of origin that is necessary for some countries (mainly industrialized countries) to import industrial goods from developing countries and to provide preferential rights to these goods to specific concessional customs rates within the framework of the Generalized Preferences System (GPS) in order to contribute to the industrialization of these countries. Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Japan, Canada, USA, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, Russia, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics, USA, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, New Zealand.
According to the free trade agreement signed between Turkey and the countries listed above are approved by preparing this document.
required special certificates of origin for products exported from Turkey are issued by companies and approved by chambers of commerce and the local offices of the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade.
It is also possible to arrange after the delivery of the goods of Special Origin Personalities. If a Certificate of Authenticity has been issued and the Certificate of Special Certificate of Origin has been lost or destroyed, a new certificate shall be issued and approved.
The form of the filling;

1- Exporter’s name and address information
2- Receiver name and address information,
3- Information on transportation style (sea, air, land)
Country of departure for box B
4- Empty
5- No
6- Brand and number of packages
7- Write compatible description of the goods according to the invoice and package list.
8- Country of origin / countries
9 – Gross weight
10- If the invoice number is requested;
11- Customs clearance area
12- The section where the date and date prepared by the exporter or his representative will be recorded and the stamp signature will be applied.

ABC Form

It is the type of certificate of origin which is approved only by the chambers of commerce and which is used in the export of all kinds of products to various countries. This document consists of three copies, B and C. Room C also remains in the room.
In order to confirm the form of the chamber members (ABC), during the applications of the Chamber, if the producers of the document contents themselves are the capacity report or other documents indicating that they are the producers of the goods and they submit one copy of the goods invoice, right side company