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Iceland, Macedonia, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lichtenstein, Croatia, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco and iron and steel unprocessed agricultural products.

Explanation: Roaming certificates are a document indicating origin. In the trade of agricultural products between the European Community and Turkey, the EFTA countries and Turkey (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) and in trade between Turkey and the Free Trade Agreement signed other countries (Israel, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria). In addition, Turkey’s iron and steel products with the European Union (ECSC – European Coal and Steel Community -ürün) must also be held in the trading certificate EUR.1.

They provided this document;

a: Customs tax exemption
(consult your customs consultant for special cases)
b: Turkey is also EFTA, EC, regardless of the above-mentioned countries to be re-submitted materials from Turkey for free circulation in a new EUR.1 certificate that allows it to be.

The form of the filling;

1- Exporter’s name and address information
3- Buyer name and address information
4 – Origin Country or group of countries
5- Destination country or group of countries
6- Information on transportation style (sea-air-land)
7- This box is required;
a. When the Eur.1 certificate is issued after the departure of the contest, the phrase “given later”
b. Distinguished origin goods are filled in cases such as origin information.
8- Order No., consistent description according to invoice and package list of goods, number of container is written.
9- Gross weight must be written
10- If the invoice number is requested;
11- Customs clearance area If the approved exporter is an exporter visa by declaring the approval number
12- The date and date on which the exporter or his representative is prepared and the date on which the seal will be signed
Approved exporter

The following provisions may allow simplified processing to be carried out:
a) Often ATR, EUR.1 Movement Certificate must be issued in the form of shipment,
b) to give to the customs administrations any kind of guarantee for the determination of the origin status of the partner and the fulfillment of the provisions of this Decision,
c) who have not committed serious and repeated crimes related to tax and customs legislation,
d) Authorized exporters may authorize natural persons and legal entities who have records to enable the customs authorities to audit their activities, to prepare an invoice declaration containing an example of such an invoice, irrespective of the value of the goods in question. The Undersecretariat approved exporter gives a customs clearance number to be included in the invoice declaration. The Undersecretariat monitors the use of this authorization by the approved exporter.
Authorized exporters may be temporarily withdrawn or canceled if they do not comply with the provisions of this Decision or if they do not comply with the conditions provided in the authorization or if these conditions are not met, without prejudice to the penal provisions.