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Oil exploration drilling and shore business

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Turkey also oil exploration, drilling, production and we can be your partner as your Customs clearance operations offshore.

Turkey’s TPAO and customs brokerage company in the sole legal.

A) Oil exploration, drilling, production and offshore operations:

A.1. It is obligatory to apply to the General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs for permission. If offshore operation is required, PIGM makes necessary correspondence with Ministry of Interior, Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These correspondences last about 6 to 8 weeks. For this correspondence, a list of equipments and tools are provided and technical specifications are reported
A.2. The invoice for equipment and vehicles is sent from the front by packet list, ATR and e-mail or fax. Original documents must be sent to Customs consultant by fast cargo after the customs consultant’s inspection. Wet stamp & signature should be found in original documents.Airica A- TR certificate and, if desired, must be approved by the Department of Origin Trade and have wet seal & signature.
A.3. The customs consultant shall make the necessary applications for the import documents to the Petroleum Business with the submitted documents. The import permit takes 3-5 days. The customer informs the customs consultant about the time of approval of the permit and the customer makes the logistics calculations in this information light and sends the B / L or CMR or AWB documents to the Customs consultant. This path is necessary for a healthy operation.
A.4 The customs broker communicates with the shipping agency approved by the customer.
A.5 The customs consultant collects the necessary documents for import from the customer agents, agents and petroleum businesses and brings them together to finalize the business and send the customer to the region where the order is given

Required documents ;

A.6 It has to be an invoice. The proforma invoice will not be accepted in customs, the buyer’s information has to be indicated on the bill. The invoice must be wet stamp & signature. The project name must be given in person.
A.7 If Temporary Import is to be made; & 8220; NO PAYMENT – CUSTOMER STATEMENT INCLUDE & 8220; and & lt; 8220 & gt; TEMPORARY USE & 8220; expressions should be specified.
A.8 Normal (Good) imports, The payment receipts made to the Customs are given to the customs consultant with the purpose of declaring the customs.
The address and contact details of the customs consultant should be specified in AWB, CMR or B / L documents.
A.9 ATR: A-TR certificate must be approved by the Trade Chamber and must have a wet stamp & signature.
A.10 Certificate of origin; If it is deemed necessary, it should be approved by the Trade Chamber and have a wet stamp & signature.
A.11 The invoice information is informed to the customs consultant by the customer of the equipment and vehicles from which the temporary imports are made. Yücel applies for oil imports with temporary import documents for export permit. It compares petroleum business export documents with temporary import documents. This process takes 3-5 days.
A.12 The customs consultant will coordinate the necessary operations with the PIGM – customs and agency.

The specified operations will apply to all modes of transport. Our client can also provide additional services such as logistics, warehousing

B. Other Imports,

B.1 Commercial invoice original stamped and signed
B.1.1 If the equipment or machine is demounted, it shall be indicated that it is disassembled by writing single value
B.1.2 import of the original of the invoice to the customs office; If not possible, the fax must be processed and the original must be sent to the customs within 15 (fifteen) days.
B.2 List of packages: The list of materials and equipment shipped and the number of parts, in kilograms, showing the distribution within the material.
B.3 According to the forms of payment;
B.3.1 – Submission of a banker’s stamp signed or certified document proving that the value of the commodity is paid when applying to the Customs office when the payment is made in cash or in cash
B.3.2 cash against goods, accept letters of credit or letter of credit amounting to 3% of the invoice value in the way of money transfer that has not been held outside Turkey RUSF (resource utilization support fund) it must be presented to customs admitted to the bank.

B.4.1 AT. R Document

B.4.2 Certificate of origin / FORMA Consult your customs consultant.

According to Turkish customs law, customs authority can be done in two ways;
Authorized Certified Customs consultant
authorized representative director of the company also built the Companies Turkey

C Other Exports;

C.1 Financial certified invoice for the exported material
C.2 Package List: The number of materials and equipment shipped and the number of parts are listed on a kg basis, showing the distribution within the material.
For more specific and detailed information, please consult your customs consultant.