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About Us

Yucel Customs Brokerage Ltd. has been established on 08.01.1999 which is proud to be in first customs brokerages has mark registration continue its activities from beginning with true service understanding. Ankara, Istanbul branch, Mersin connection have knowledge and experience to give you best alternatives. Our company bridges the seller to buyer and buyer to seller and service limits are being designated by the clients.

As long as our customers require we afford complete or partially services about transports, logistics, entrepot and door to door service.

Furthermore all permissions and applications that needed for importation and exportation is being followed up by our company.

In order to serve the most qualified and economical service to our respectful customers, we use customs direct online system (EDI) via the latest technology and equipments, being able to issue customs declaration approval just at our office.

Yucel Customs Brokerage Ltd. work the standards with ISO 9001 requirements, targets to increase the service quality with well informed on their subject, young and dynamic staff, applies the “Correct People, Correct Services, Correct Choices” as a business principle.